Christian Kaiser, Organisator, Erste Group Immorent AG

“metamagix.ICRS is used at Immorent for real estate administration on behalf of numerous companies, a number of interfaces to the most diverse property management groups and their software systems and an international portfolio. For us at Immorent, the project is running optimally, the interfaces were implemented very easily and quickly, the user interface was adapted to our requirements and new reports were adapted or reprogrammed. The interfaces for importing existing data have been constructed in such a flexible way that existing data could be incorporated relatively easily. The launch of Release 2.0 also enabled the latest technologies to be used at the front end, which are very flexible, understandable and fast. Project flow was flawless, the deadlines were all met, corrections were always carried out promptly and without red tape. Ongoing support from metamagix is without problems and the service we get is more than complete.”