ICRS Sales Pipeline

  • planning, controlling and documenting sales processes directly in ICRS
  • detailed reports on the success of completed sales as well as the forecast on current and planned processes



This module enables you to plan, control and document your sales processes.

The Sales Pipeline module is directly integrated into your ICRS and enhances therefore the start of a sales pipeline with only one click. Property data will be filled in automatically and you will be able to see all property processes directly at a glance.

Processes can be managed and planned. In addition, it is possible to gather every kind of documents from sales probability and approvals to offer phases easily. You are not only able to set and monitor milestones but also track cash flows. A detailed report provides information for an analysis about the success of sales as well as a preview of the next processes.

Core functions:

  • property level or unity level sales processes
  • documentation and analysis of business partners and purchasing offers
  • tracking of the latest status of the planned timelines as well as cash flows
  • evaluation of closed sales processes
  • forecasts about ongoing and planned sales processes
  • integration in the planning