IGEL x ICRS: Automatic synchronization for early detection and transparency

Are you an IGEL user? IGEL property management software is now connected to ICRS. This year, we developed the ICRS Badger, an interface that allows you to import new data or changes in data from IGEL into ICRS quickly, easily and without complications – for an automatic and daily synchronization that facilitates your portfolio management. 

What are the benefits of the ICRS Badger for IGEL users?

The ICRS Badger connects IGEL with ICRS. It was developed by our metamagix team so that you can monitor the performance of your real estate portfolio even more closely and intervene at an early stage if need be.

  • Automatic synchronization for daily monitoring

With the ICRS Badger it is possible to keep an eye on the daily updated KPIs of your real estate in the ICRS. Turnover, yield, vacancies, rent roll entries/debit position lists or open items – now you can view the daily updated data in ICRS or decide yourself when and how often you would like to arrange the exchange of data between IGEL and ICRS.

  • How the ICRS Badger for IGEL works

Our ICRS Badger retrieves the necessary data via the IGEL API (web interface) and automatically imports it into ICRS. The main issues for data transfers of large real estate portfolios are that either the amount of data becomes too large, or data transfers take too much time. Both issues are solved with the interface, as the ICRS Badger retrieves, in a resource-saving manner, the data at non-critical times – usually at night -, and the data reconciliation cannot be noticed by the users of both systems in live operation, even during the day. The badger is put in between and picks up IGEL data, but only passes on data that has changed or is new. For example, open items are usually picked up on the first day of the month and in the middle of the month, accounting journals, however, every night, rental income starting with the 2nd week of the month but only if data has changed in a property since the last synchronisation.

If you do not use IGEL, but Leikom, SAP, ITS, FIO or another property management software: no problem!  We already have other direct synchronization interfaces for ICRS and we are constantly developing new ones. For about 50 other property management and accounting systems there is the possibility of a monthly data transfer via Sharepoint, mail or the data transfer platform of metamagix. Contact us if you are interested or try it yourself with our tool for an easier data transfer (https://mmxen.metamagix.net/product/metamagix-transfer).

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