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ICRS is the most flexible system on the market and allows for precise customization to your organization’s needs and processes.

  • Existing Excel reports can be transferred and are then available on a central database.
  • Adaptation of navigation and lists
  • Field designations, groupings and sequences for a better workflow
  • Reports and interfaces
  • Authorization groups
  • Multilingualism

Importing and Exporting Excel reports have never been easier

Existing Excel reports can be transferred and are then available on a central database. With the push of a button, you can have detailed and wide-ranging reports on your real estate properties.

ICRS Property Management Module

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Adaptation of navigation and lists

metamagix.ICRS enables you to navigate and organize property information effectively. It supports filtering and sorting options, providing you with tools to easily manage and track your properties.

ICRS core system

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Better workflow with instant edit

Edit mask helps improve the accuracy and consistency of data entered into each property profile, allowing faster and more efficient workflow.

ICRS core system

API integration

Ad-hoc reports and interfaces

metamagix.ICRS provides you with a set of detailed reports on the objects you are interested in, allowing you to make informed decisions. The reports can be customized to display only the information that is relevant to your needs

ICRS Portfolio Explorer

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Authorization groups

Role-based access control ensures that users are only able to access the data and functions that are necessary for their role and responsibilities, while preventing them from accessing sensitive or confidential information.

ICRS Advanced Access Control and Audit

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Multilingual functionality makes the system more accessible and user-friendly and facilitates communication in an international environment, thereby leading to better business outcomes.

ICRS core system

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