Advanced DMS with Alfresco Integration

Advanced DMS with Alfresco Integration

  • Automatic structuring and versioning
  • Files synchronized on multiple servers
  • Email storage
  • Extended DMS module with Alfresco integration
  • Documents can still be managed in ICRS, with the full added functionality of the Alfresco document management platform

DMS module combined with one of the best enterprise content management systems on the market.

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Alfresco ( is one of the world’s leading Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS). metamagix has been developing solutions with Alfresco for many years – both in conjunction with ICRS and in standalone projects.

ICRS Advanced Document Management offers the best of both worlds: the simplicity and real estate-centric mindset of ICRS, combined with one of the best ECMS on the market.


Alfresco feature enhancements

  • Versioning of all documents in the background
  • Access to all files via a “virtual file system” that allows access to data directly from a drive
  • Files can be handled automatically in Alfresco with OCR and additionally converted via processing pipelines
  • ICRS full-text search is extended with Alfresco capabilities
  • File storage can be distributed and synchronized across multiple servers
  • The Alfresco ECMS also controls the automated, rule-based archiving of data files
  • The structure of folders, categories, tags, and rights are automatically created and managed according to the portfolio structure in ICRS
  • E-Mails can be sent to Alfresco as a copy and automatically filed there

The Alfresco solution integrated in ICRS is based on the Alfresco Community Edition and therefore does not require its own license. Alfresco is fully supported by metamagix.

Alternatively, an Alfresco Enterprise license which is directly supported by Alfresco is available (for a fee).

For the single sign-on option, add the module Active Directory Integration and SSO

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