Anonymization and GDPR (DSGVO)

Anonymization and GDPR (DSGVO)

  • On schedule
  • Automatic or manual
  • Anonymizes personal data and complete test databases after expiry of the DSGVO-relevant deadlines
  • Logs all anonymizations for maximum transparency
  • Export function enables the granting of the data subjects’ access rights

Fulfill your DSGVO-compliant data management and disclosure obligations.

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  • Time-controlled anonymization of complete portfolios 
  • Time-controlled anonymization of terminated contracts
  • Creation of export packages for individual contracts or partners with all data stored in ICRS for customer inquiries



This includes the names, dates of birth, and phone numbers of landlords and tenants, unit names, notes and data on rent rolls, as well as associated documents and tasks. The default twelve-month period is easily adaptable in ICRS. 


Manual anonymization for individual units, contracts, debtors or creditors, or complete datasets is also possible.



Both automatic and manual anonymizations are logged in the system. This makes it possible to trace who anonymized which data records and when.


Data disclosure

This ICRS module generates a compressed file with contract and advance payment information or data on creditors and debtors, enabling you to grant data subjects access rights in just a few clicks.


Automatic anonymization of test data

Do you need to anonymize complete databases automatically? Then look no further. With this module, copies of production data created for test or development databases are encrypted quickly and reliably to remove sensitive data. Thanks to the production database, individual data records can still be found in the test environment. This enables the analysis of data problems in the production environment on the test database without knowing the real data.

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